About Us

Roane Tube Amplification has one goal in mind: To make the very best tube amplifiers that can be made, PERIOD!  We spare no expense when it comes to design and optimizing every component's placement for nothing other than the greatest tone imaginable. Roane Tube Amplifiers are built to a standard for professional musicians and their demanding touring schedules. All amps are hand wired with point to point turret board construction - no printed circuit boards. Each amp is carefully constructed one at a time, with rigorous testing and final burn in and inspection. DISAPPOINTMENT IS NOT AN OPTION.

How it began...

Roane Tube Amplification was started in September of 2010 out of a pure desire to capture great tone from a tube amplifier. Myself (Chris Breaux) and my partner (George Roane) both had an amazing collection of great sounding tube amps, but we both thought we had something more we could contribute. Over the course of a couple of weeks we had nailed down what we wanted to hear out of an amp and I began building the first prototype. Seems easy? I thought so, but I was wrong. After building amps on and off for the last 10 years, making an amp that works and sounds good is easy - dialing in a perfect tone and a great sounding amp  is more challenging. I spent months of tweaking and hauling my prototype to countless gigs and hundreds of hours getting things to sound like I heard in my head, and finally the Tesla 30 was born. This amp is truly amazing and an enjoyment to play and hear. I hope that all who purchase one of these amps feel the same way as i do.