The TESLA 30 is an all tube amp with chimey clean sounds and silky distorted tones with all the harmonic complexity one could ask for. The Vintage input is clean with all the sparkly chimes and tight low ends that were made famous by vintage british amps. The Modern input ranges from overdrive to a greasy distortion with superb harmonic content and a complex detail in every note no matter how high the gain settings. This amplifier has loads of dynamics and singing sustain throughout its tonal range. Articulation bleeds from every note and is very sensitive to a players touch and attack.

2 watt sealed pots by PEC, resistors in preamp are carbon film or carbon comp. Some early models of the amps (the first three notably) will have Paper in Oil tone caps, we have recently moved to Mallory 150s, and will in the near future use exclusively capacitors from Sozo in our preamp sections. Filter capacitors are F&T can caps 50uf/50uf @450v. All wire is teflon coated 22 gauge, and 18 or 20 gauge teflon when needed. We are currently using Heybour and TDS transformers in our designs. Chassis are aluminum, and are loaded with Micalex tube sockets. Our cabinets are custom made for us by Fusco cabinets.

Price: Tesla 30 A
mp Head - $2499.99

Click each individual head for a full size view.
Front Panel:
- Vintage Input - Volume and Tone
- Modern Input - Gain, Volume, Bass, Treble, Master
- Global Hi-Cut
- Mid Boost Toggle, Gain Structure Toggle
Rear Panel:
- 4A mains fuse
- IEC power receptacle
- 2- speaker jacks
- 4-8-16 ohm selector
- 4-12AX7 preamp tubes
- 2-KT77/EL34 power amp tubes
- 1-GZ34 rectifier tube